Below is a selection of feedback that we have received from our customers recently. We welcome any and all questions and comments from our customers, so please feel free to head over to our contact page and drop us a line, or give us a call any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks to Andrew and the boys at Southern BM for their hard work over the last few months on my 335i. The turbo problems are fixed, it’s running beautifully and the lengths you went to are very much appreciated. Thanks guys.

Ben, Melbourne
August, 2014

“I have to admit I was skeptical on this upgrade for the $$!! I purchased mine through SouthernBM in Melbourne Victoria Australia! Andrew is a top guy… very helpful but… busy… although he will always get back to you when he can!

Words cannot actually describe what I feel with the upgrade but my car feels completely different on an off the power !! It has completely transformed the drivability of my car !! If you plan on upping the power adding extra boost and other performance goodies this is a must have if budget permits. Sorry I cannot explain it better but I can say is it’s a must have item and I really stoked!!”

Chris, Queensland
June, 2014

“Just wanted to follow up and say a big thanks for the work you guys did on my M3. Really great job, clutch and shifter feels great and haven’t had a drama. I really appreciate your time and will not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone.”

James, Melbourne
June, 2014

“Southern BM great to deal with, highly recommended. M Perf exhaust – nice burble, crackle on overrun, very quiet when cruising, no drone. Probably not quite as loud as I expected but it’s a great compromise, sounds great from outside. Happy.

Evolve chip – still getting to know what it can do but so far, very good. Certainly punchier/torquier down low and faster for sure. Will get some performance box times to see how fast.

Quaife LSD – the best mod of all and I’d recommend doing this first. Some say only useful on track. Couldn’t disagree more. Just feels so much more planted. No more rear end walking around/squirrelly under hard acceleration. Just hooks up and goes, less traction control intervention so more fun and less wondering what it’s going to do next. Traction off in the wet, it’s a different car, far easier to control and more predictable. Track day at Winton on Sunday (maserati car club) so will be interesting to see how it performs on stock wheel, brakes, suspension, first time it’s been on track.”

1Addicts, Melbourne
June, 2014

“Just had my 123d serviced and all the fluids dropped and replaced before a BMWCCV cruise to Apollo Bay and environs. Love the work that was done as evidenced by the way the car performed. More grunt and down to 6.2 l/100 km mixed mode on the paddle shifters and still on 6.3 l/100 km driving off the paddle shifters four days later.”

Thanks Team.

Stewart, Melbourne
May, 2014

“Can’t recommend SouthernBM highly enough, they always go out of their way to help you when needed! Thanks so much!”

Kristen, Melbourne
April, 2014

“Very happy customer! SouthernBM really know their stuff! Highly recommended. Thanks guys.”

Jason, Melbourne
April, 2014

“In case this didn’t get on the wall yesterday…A huge thanks to Andrew for slotting my pre-purchase inspection in yesterday while I was in Melbourne, and especially to ‘Jimmy’ for thoroughly going over the M3, for explaining each of the issues to me and working through the options to overcome the issues, and to ensuring that I went away with a car that has now seen more love in one day than its its previous three years.

The drive home to Sydney last night went really well, and I made sure that the engine got some ‘cleaning’. Thanks to a professional, but more importantly, passionate, team for helping me out yesterday and making sure that I knew what I was getting in to.”

James, Sydney
February, 2014

“A very big Thanks to the crew at SouthernBM – not only for being sufficiently thorough to pick up disintegrating castor bushes, but also for replacing them with the Dinan Monoball castor bushings… Initial impressions are very positive! The steering immediately feels more precise, but also smoother. Torque reaction on direction change is significantly reduced and it is clear that we are now dealing with a precision ‘bearing’, rather than an also-ran connection. As always, you guys make it clear why choosing SouthernBM over a dealership makes so much sense.. Thanks! ”

Simon, Melbourne
January, 2014

“Brilliant Service and Excellent Advice!”

Sean, Melbourne
December, 2013

“Been there a number of times, Andrew is a great and knowledgeable guy! We drove from Canberra to Melb to see him with both our 1Ms!”

Dianne, Canberra
October, 2013

“Thanks guys, for doing the bushes today and for the professional, straight up, no nonsense  advice that you give freely and that I really rely on. Always appreciated, thanks A.”

Anne Marie, Melbourne
September, 2013

“The team at southern are fantastic passionate professional bunch of guys.. Highly recommend.”

Dejai, Melbourne
January, 2013