KW V1, V2, V3 Coilover Suspension

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The complete systems including high quality yellow springs, purple aluminium component and Elastomer bump stops with integrated dust protection system, provide a unique comprehensive solution for a personalised suspension system that meets all performance and quality demands

KW Coilovers have;
– strut housing in inox-line stainless steel technology
Variant 1 has 2 designs, “inox-line” or “Basic” (coilover strut housing in galvanised steel construction with corrosion repressive CSK sealing)
– anodised aluminium spring collars and add on pieces
– high quality, high tensile racing springs
– special ventilation and sealing systems
– hardened, chromium plated piston rods
– special guide and sealing systems
– pistons with v-shaped teflon seals – optimal sealing with minimal friction – temperature resistant, durable dampening technology.


Sporty handling combined with outstanding looks with factory pre-configured damping.

The KW coilover kit Variant 1 “inox-line” is our entry model for more driving pleasure with an attractive and individually adjustable lowering. Due to its high-quality finish, the use of struts made from stainless steel, corrosion resistant springs and bump stops as well as compatible components stands for long driving pleasure – not just the car’s life.


For more stability and driving comfort with adjustable rebound damping.

Rebound – 16 Click Adjustment

Drivers who want more than just an outstanding look and lowering within the tested adjustment range, will find the perfect suspension solution with our KW coilovers Variant 2 “inox-line”. Not only stainless steel struts, corrosion-resistant components great durability, you have the possiblity to adjust the dampers to your own requirements in rebound (16 clicks) are good reasons to buy KW coilovers Variant 2 “inox-line”.


Unlimited individuality for performance & comfort. Damping forces can be adjustment separately in rebound & compression.

Rebound – 16 Click Adjustment
Bump – 12 Click Adjustment

KW’s engineers have developed a sporty yet harmonious basic setup, as with any KW coilover kit. To be able to guarantee the perfect suspension setup we test on our KW 7-post rig, as well as extensive driving tests on country roads, motorways and even on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. For years, the KW coilover kit Variant 3 “inox-line” is one of the top aftermarket products and is a benchmark for coilovers. It convinces sports car drivers, tuner, large-and small series manufacturer such as Alpina, MTM, Manthey, Oettinger and many more leading companies in the international automotive industry with its damping characteristics, quality finish and durability.

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