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Not just a question of looks: BMW M Performance Parts let you adjust the chassis of your BMW to suit your needs and your driving style perfectly. Whether light alloy wheels, shock absorbers, LSD differential or brake systems – all components originate from motorsport and meet the highest design and functionality standards. The result: striking aesthetics combined with outstanding agility.

The internally ventilated, lightweight sports brake discs are designed for improved thermic resilience, even with an extremely sporty driving style. The BMW M Performance braking system impresses thanks to piston aluminium fixed callipers on the front and rear axles. The system is available in M Performance Red, M Performance Yellow and M Performance Orange – including the coloured M logo.

The BMW M Performance LSD differential is designed for improved traction, providing the wheel with better grip and more torque by minimising slippage on the rear axle. This results in more stable cornering, optimal traction and more dynamic driving characteristics.

All M Performance accessories impart pure racing passion. For example you can record and analyse relevant technical driving information such as engine data and braking distances with the M Performance Drive Analyser. Or use Track Fix for GoPro cameras to get fantastic pictures during operation on the race track. And the key sheath protects your BMW key from scratching and dirt, while preventing the buttons from being pressed unintentionally.

Whatever you needs are, SouthernBM is you independent M Performance specialist.

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