SBM Powered F8x M3/M4 550 Package

  • Car Model(s):
    BMW F8x M3/M4
  • Manufacturer:
    SBM, ESS Tuning, Eisenmann, BMC, Eventuri
  • Price:
    From $13,495

Turn your F8x M3/M4 up to 11 with the SBM Powered 550 Package!

The Eisenmann Downpipes and Eventuri Carbon Air Scoops further bring the S55 engine to life over the 525 package with our impressive ESS Tuning ECU optimisation to suit. Loud and proud, this package is for the drivers and will see the car produce over 400kw.

For those wanting more, you might even consider taking it to the next step with our top level 575 package that also includes the Eventuri Carbon Intake System and upgraded charge pipes for a further $3,500.

Contact us for all the further information you need to know about taking your car to the next level in performance without compromise.

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