SBM Powered F8x M3/M4 500 Package

  • Car Model(s):
    F8x M3/M4
  • Manufacturer:
    SBM, ESS Tuning, Eisenmann, BMC
  • Price:
    From $6995

The SBM Powered F8x M3/M4 500 Package is perfect who like the versatility of direct bolt on upgrades but still provides a considerable power increase over the standard vehicle with the sound the car deserves. The power level rises to over 370kw thanks to an upgraded BMC air filter and the ESS Tuning S55 E-Tronic Tuner. Eisenmann’s fantastic F8x M3/M4 Performance Rear Exhaust System provides the signature Eisenmann tone and with four different tip stylings, the visual appearance of the car is also greatly enhanced!

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