Southern BM can provide all matter of services for all your Performance and Tuning requirements from simple bolt on upgrades like Air filter kits, to something more intense like Superchargers for your BMW car. If you look at our SBM powered cars in our Gallery, as a guide you will get an idea of some of the modifications we have done previously. Alternatively browse our products section to view some of our products we offer. If you have a BMW M Power car, M3 E36, M3 E46, 1M, M235i, M2, M5, M6, X5M, X6M, M3 E92, M3 F80 or M4 F82 and you want to increase the driveability or performance tune it, then SouthernBM in Melbourne Australia is for you. SouthernBM are always working hard on our tuning programs for all BMW models and we are sure to see huge gains in the near term future for the latest cars like BMW M2. We also have Performance tuning SBM Staged kits for the F20 M135i, F22 M235i, F30 328i, F30 335i, F80 M3 and F82 M4 that give you the first taste of upgrades for your car. If distance is an issue for you, we offer transport options for interstate clients from enclosed secure transportation or regular vehicle shipping so that everyone in Australia can have the SouthernBM experience. We have done this many times from Darwin, Sydney, Queensland and South Australia so far.


Dinan Australia- Dinan Performance Tuning parts are available in Australia from SouthernBM. If you want BMW Performance parts with ‘Performance without sacrifice’ then Dinan Performance is what you need for your BMW. Dinan offer a great warranty and after sales support on all Dinan products that are installed on your BMW vehicle. All Dinan products are available from SouthernBM and if you are looking for a package for your BMW that has had plenty of R&D and testing that work for your vehicle, then Dinan products should be first on your list.

BMW Engine Performance

ESS Charging

Southern BM have a strong desire for Supercharging as the massive power increase cannot be replicated by any other means than forced induction. Supercharger kits are available from our suppliers ESS Tuning. If you have a BMW M3 E92 and wish to supercharge your car then SouthernBM is the place for you, as we have M3 projects on the go most of the time. Keep an eye on our gallery page or keep up with current projects on our Facebook or YouTube pages by clicking the links at the top of this page.

BMW Differential Upgrade


We can provide different ratio final drive crown wheel and pinion gears and also an arrangement of LSD units. If your looking at taking your car from the road to the track, an LSD upgrade with increased lock is a must. We use and recommend Quaife conversion units, for all BMW applications. We also have a large supply in stock of these units to suit the most popular applications.

Perhaps the innovative design of the Quaife ATB differential is what has attracted so many BMW enthusiasts around the world. Unlike regular limited-slip diffs that use wearing clutches (eg. the ones used in BMW M power cars), the Quaife is gear operated and will never wear out. The design enables a smooth, progressive transfer of torque between the rear wheels with no fuss, and applies power to the tarmac with maximum effect. The result is a transformation of performance. In 20 years of tuning BMWs this has to be the most effective tuning element we’ve ever had to offer, which is why it is the first enhancement we advise to all BMW owners looking to increase performance. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

BMW Performance Exhaust Upgrades and BMW Genuine MPerformance exhausts



Southern BM are the Australia Master dealer for Eisenmann Exhaust systems and we use them in conjunction with our performance requirements. You can view our entire range at

We also offer the full range of Akrapovic Titanium exhaust systems and are a leading dealer in Melbourne for BMW Applications. If you are interested in the Akrapovic range, contact us or download their iphone/ipad app from the App store for specs, sounds and images.

We have a large range of the BMW MPerformance exhaust systems in stock at most times including BMW 340i. You can be assured that the fitment will be spot on and it will deliver the satisfaction you desire from a factory upgrade.

BMW Engine ECU Flash Tune

SouthernBM have many ECU flash solutions for most models BMW’s, ready to be installed in your Performance BMW right here in Australia. We are constantly updating our equipment and have recently made progress on BMW M3 F80 and M4 F82 vehicles making significant gains with added features such as the M4 GTS exhaust overrun ‘burble’. We are partnered with ESS Tuning a renowned BMW tuner in the world Performance BMW market who also supply our Supercharger upgrade kits.
We offer Staged tune kits for the most popular models and as an example offer a Stage 1 SBM Tune kit available for Australian BMW M3 E92 S65 vehicles which include an ECU tune, Akrapovic Titanium evolution exhaust system and a BMC Air filter kit. More information can be found in our products section.

BMW Exterior Styling


There are a lot of options in the Styling market, Alpina, Hartge, ACS, Breyton, Hamann. Currently popular is Vorsteiner and Sterckenn for all their Carbon Fibre products, like bonnets, spoilers front and rear diffusers all for current model BMW cars especially BMW M Models. Our largest range of stock are the BMW MPerformance range for F22, F30, F80, F82 series BMW cars.

BMW Suspension


We use Eibach Springs for road use to give you the ride performance and looks to go with it. We use a range of sway bars to match these suspension set ups. An Alternative to these is the full range of KW suspension systems that we use as well. For the more serious enthusiasts we have coil over set ups for most BMW cars or we can manufacture coil over kits for your older BMW car. We also supply upgraded solid, or performance bushes and reinforced mounts, to suit most applications. Depending on your requirements we will be able to suggest a set up for your application. We can supply and install Front and Rear strut braces and also have chassis body braces for Z3 M Roadsters. For your BMW 135i E82 we can offer you the genuine BMW Performance suspension package that consists of Springs, shockers, mountings, and front sway bar that has been made specifically from BMW to upgrade the stock setup of your 135i. This kit really works well on Australian roads when used in conjunction with the removal of runflat tyres. We have tried and tested our preferred suspension set ups for BMW 135i and BMW M3 E92 and you can purchase them as stage 1 suspension packages.

BMW Brake Upgrade


There are a number of Big Brake kits on the market which include BMW Performance, Brembo, or AP Radical from AP Racing. If you would like an upgrade for your road car then we can offer bigger brakes from BMW cars as an original equipment upgrade with larger Rotor, caliper and pad size. If you are looking for a track Brake upgrade then feel free to ask us what suits your requirements and from there we can make recommendations.