Service and Maintenance

Independent BMW Service

Southern BM can provide you with all your BMW service needs from your new BMW to an older style car in house in Moorabbin, Melbourne, Australia. We follow the BMW maintenance procedures, (log book servicing) and have adapted a few extras that customers have commented that should be included during a Service. We use all BMW Genuine Parts when we carry out servicing and use BMW approved Castrol oils. You can book via an email booking or simply ,ring on the phone. If you wish we can service your car while you shop at nearby Southland shopping centre or you can catch a nearby train to your destination. We have all the electronic technology to scan your vehicle for fault codes and diagnose any fault you may be experiencing. Our tools are state of the art and the software is updated weekly. When your car is dropped off for service, we always keep you informed regarding costs, seek authorization with regard to work required, and describe all works to be carried out in detail. We also offer interim servicing whereby we can change the oil and filter while you wait, the Interim service is recommended on cars when service interval is extended to 25,000kms by BMW. We offer Transmission oil and filter changes, Fuel filters and Diff oil changes at every second Inspection 2 service as options to you if you wish to keep your BMW in top condition. An example of a recent upgrade we offer to our BMW service schedule is a Sunroof service. The Panoramic roof system in the BMW X5, for example is prone to failure from lack of lubrication and this led us to provide a service for this to reduce the chances of failure of the sunroof operation.

Service Indicator lights

Early BMW cars have service indicators that have 5 green LED’s and there function is to reduce sequentially which alerts the owner when its time for service. It does this by displaying OIL SERVICE or INSPECTION, and also there is a possibility that the round circle appears, which means ANNUAL CHECK. BMW have used this for many years now, carrying through E28, E30, E36, E38, E39. When service is due then you have a series of different services available. When the car is new it has its 1st service as an OIL SERVICE, then after approximately 12,000kms, it has it’s INSPECTION 1 SERVICE, then followed by an OIL SERVICE again, then an INSPECTION 2 service. The ANNUAL CHECK is done as Brake fluid every year, and coolant every 2 years, A/C Microfilter was replaced depending on dust conditions, generally with Coolant change. The service schedule then repeats back to OIL SERVICE again follows as stated above.

With the introduction of the E46 and X5 cars, the service indicators changed. This time BMW used a count down system based on kilometers traveled. When a service is carried out the service indicator is set to 25,000 kilometers, and then counts down from there. When it gets down to zero, then the indictors come up for OIL or INSPECTION.

With the introduction of the 1,E87 series and 7 E65,66 series, BMW have gone to condition based servicing, CBS. Now the power is in your hands to tell us what items require replacing by scrolling through your menu and letting us know. This is required if you wish to have a quote for repairs done before booking. When you scroll you will be able to check your brakes for example and you will be able to see how many kilometers you have before they require replacing. When something is due now, the symbol comes up in RED when you start the vehicle. Items like worn Brakes may say on the cluster 2000kms until due, you may wish to have them done at the same time as service, so keep that in mind when making your booking with us.


BMW Control Unit Coding and Programming

SouthernBM can offer you all sorts of BMW coding and programming options. We can reprogram all your BMW control units in house to the latest BMW files and also have patch fixes for common complaints like BMW X5 6 speed transmission 2-1 down change clunk.

BMW Control unit repairs

We have a large array of control units we can repair and reuse. We can also repair pixels that commonly fail in BMW cars like X5 E53 instrument cluster, heater control panels or on board computers.

SouthernBM Driver training and drive days

We offer client tuition in a one on one situation with proper driving instructors like Cameron McConville, in your vehicle in controlled conditions on a race track. We usually offer these a few times a year and it is a very popular so if you wish to be a part of it, make sure you are subscribed to the SouthernBM Newsletter to be kept informed of upcoming drive days.

SouthernBM BMW Full Circle

What ever your requirement is for your BMW vehicle, SouthernBM can offer the service for you. We do not do everything in house but use the very best companies available to help us provide you the very best BMW service in Australia. If you have an accident for example, and do not know what to do, just ring us and we can guide you through the process of insurers and repairers. We have an alliance with Superfinish Australia who are a BMW approved body repairer, so we have access to getting your BMW repaired to a very high level. If your interior needs and overhaul and you are unsure how to go about achieving your goals, then give a call for us to guide you through this.