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We are driven by sound!

SouthernBM is proud to be the official Australian distributor for Eisenmann Exhaust Systems.

Eisenmann’s expert fabricators have been hand-crafting exhaust systems since 1988, and carry their old-world tradition into the 21st century. Eisenmann’s engineering team has been an innovator in the exhaust manufacturing industry for years, and continues to offer it’s clients the latest in computer aided design as well as lab analysis and testing. It is precisely these skills that have earned Eisenmann contracts as the OE suppliers to Porsche AG, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes McLaren, Rieger Tuning GmbH, MST Wiesmann GmbH, and many other major firms.

Eisenmann systems feature an aggressive tone, and target the luxury European car owner who is proud of their car and want to be noticed. Each exhaust system is made from 100% 304 stainless steel and is manufactured to OEM or better specification using Eisenmann’s wide range of experience as an OEM exhaust manufacturer.

Eisenmann have a complete range of exhaust systems available to order across the BMW range, from the orignial E30 M3 right up to today’s F80 M3 and every model in between.

Most systems are available to order in either a Sport or Race tone which allows you to tailor the sound of the system to your own personal needs. The ‘Sport’ level – at approximately 3dB louder than the OEM system – reduces back pressure by up to 25% and is ideal for those who use their vehicle on a daily basis. The ‘Race’ level – at approximately 7dB louder than the OEM system – is more suited to the more spirited driver and occasional track day user thanks to a back pressure reduction of up to 32%. To put it more simply, the Sport is for those who just want a little extra and the Race is for those who like their car to be loud.

All Eisenmann systems possess Eisenmann’s trademark tone for a deep sound at low RPM, and a true performance car scream at high RPM.

Further information and pricing can be found at eisenmann.com.au or by contacting us today!

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