SBM Power Package

  • Car Model(s):
    BMW Exx, Fxx
  • Manufacturer:
    SBM, ESS Tuning, BMC, Wagner Tuning
  • Price:
    Contact Us

Made for power!

The latest generation of BMW turbocharged petrol engines provide the perfect platform for further performance gains. The starting point for this is the SBM Power Package consisting of upgraded BMC air filter(s) and high-flow or catless (race use only) downpipe(s) with ESS Tuning’s perfectly optimised ECU upgrade. This package provides more than ‘just a little extra’ power and can be further improved upon with additional upgrades such as high performance intakes, intercoolers and exhaust systems from our vast range of high quality products.

The SBM Power Package is available across the BMW F-Series range with some E Series packages also available. Contact us today for further specifications, information and pricing for you model.

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