Ferodo FCP1281W DS1.11 Brake Pad Set - F8x

In the world of motorsports, Ferodo has achieved many outstanding successes. Through Formula 1, endurance racing, rallying, saloons and other circuits, Ferodo brake products have been the choice of champions, with proven performance and advantage on the track. In Australia, Ferodo are a popular option for dual street-track use and for sprint racing.

Product Information

Part Number FCP1281W
Compound DS1.11
Application Rear
Caliper Brembo
OE BMW Cross-Reference 34218091600

Based on a chemical family known as the Siloxanes, Ferodo’s DS1.11 pads are a true ceramic material brake pad. Consistent at even the highest working temperatures, the DS1.11 experiences nil fade and has the longest pad life of the entire Ferodo range.

The main features are:

  • Heavy duty endurance material.
  • Applications - touring car, GT, single seat.
  • Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200° - 750° C.
  • Long life.
  • Very kind to discs.

Suitable for F87 M2 & M2 Competition Coupe, F80 M3 Sedan, F82 M4 Coupe and F83 M4 Convertible models including Competition, CS and GTS with silver/red M-Sport brake package (S2NH) only. Not suitable for models fitted with the standard braking system or M Carbon Ceramic brake package (S2NK). 


The aim of bedding is to bring the pads to full race temperatures, but gradually (too quickly results in glazing). This is done by a series of applications up to race speeds, but in which lighter braking pressures are used (i.e. the driver applies the brakes earlier). It is important that the pads are allowed to cool between the bedding and racing.  But if time does not allow, they can be used immediately though less product life, possibly 10%, should be expected.

Note that those pads whose part number includes the suffix WB, ZB or GB have undergone an intense thermal treatment up to full bedding temperatures during their production.  In these cases the same general procedure is to be applied as below but arriving at the 500°C target temperature is not critical.  The number of applications may also be reduced.  In these thermally treated compounds, bedding is required only as mechanical mating of pad and disc.   

Ideally the pads will arrive at temperatures in excess of 500°C during the bedding. Pads smoking during the cool-down is not a cause for concern. Specifically for DS1.11, DS3.12 and DSUNO temperatures should arrive at between 500°C and 700°C (as an indication: green thermal paint applied to discs should completely change and from half to all of the orange paint should change.)
It may be necessary to close cooling ducts during the bedding to achieve sufficiently high temperatures.

Perform at least 15 trial brake applications, initially with reduced pressures (around 50% of the normal that might be used for that same brake application were it to occur under race conditions) building up to full decelerations after the 15 applications. To shorten the procedure applications can be made along the straights as well as at corners.

On completion of the trial applications, return to a service point and let the pads cool and then inspect the surface of the brake pads from the two wheels that have been working the hardest. There should be evidence of contact over the full pad area, but without glazing. The pads are now ready to race.

Whilst it is recommended that pads are inspected after bedding, time may not allow this.  But as long as the gradual build-up procedure has been carried out correctly and a short period of time has elapsed to allow the brake system to cool (ideally to below 100°C - this might take in excess of five minutes), the pads will be ready to race.


ISO16949 & 14001 Certified Production

All Ferodo Racing brake pads are manufactured to the highest international ISO quality standards at Federal Mogul’s dedicated manufacturing facility in Italy. Every brake pad has a total of 26 separate quality controls during its manufacture which guarantees a repeatable and consistent product within and between every batch.

Precision Engineering

All of the pad back-plates are manufactured from high tensile steel meaning minimum distortion when subjected to the high clamping forces common in motorsport use. Pads are manufactured to maintain high tolerances on the pad and back-plate dimensions including flatness, parallelism and overall thickness.
This results in a rapid and uniform transmission of pressure from the brake system to the pads.

Thermal Under-layer

Unlike many competitive products most Ferodo Racing brake pads incorporate a thermal under-layer between the backing-plate and the friction material.
This reduces the brake caliper’s operating temperature by up to 80 deg C and significantly reduces the risk of boiling the brake fluid which causes a “spongy” feeling in the pedal.

Disc Friendly

Unlike many competitive products Ferodo pads are kind on brake discs. Ferodo pads are developed to optimize both the pad and disc life. Our philosophy is not to increase pad life with the casualty of excessive disc wear

High Controllability

All Ferodo Racing brake pads are engineered to perform with a relatively constant coefficient of friction (mu) across a wide range of temperatures, pressures and vehicle speeds. This results in a consistent brake feel for the driver meaning that the braking torque is a linear response to pedal pressure.

Wide Range of Material choices and Fitments

Ferodo Racing has one of the widest range of pad shapes in the racing/performance brake pad market. This fitment range is available with the necessary compound choice meaning that there is nearly always a solution to your needs.
  • 2 Series / F87 M2 (2016-2021) / M2 Competition
  • 2 Series / F87 M2 (2016-2021) / M2
  • 2 Series / F87 M2 (2016-2021) / M2 CS
  • 3 Series / F80 M3 (2014-2019) / M3
  • 3 Series / F80 M3 (2014-2019) / M3 Competition
  • 3 Series / F80 M3 (2014-2019) / M3 CS
  • 4 Series / F82 / F83 (2014-2019) / M4
  • 4 Series / F82 / F83 (2014-2019) / M4 Competition
  • 4 Series / F82 / F83 (2014-2019) / M4 CS
  • 4 Series / F82 / F83 (2014-2019) / M4 GTS

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Great experience dealing with the team at SouthernBM. Sean in particular was fantastic with his knowledge, timely responses and ultimately work performed.

Ian Tennent
Google Review

Great blokes down there, Eric is great for those chinese speaking customers looking for either some general quality servicing or even higher end modifications. Good team of humble and honest people, will definitely be back!

Andy Liu
Facebook Review

Thank you once again to John, Andrew and their team. Have been bringing our cars to them for several years now and have complete trust and faith in their workmanship and honesty.

Eugene Ooi
Google Review

Took my e60 there, Jimmy was an absolute pleasure to deal with, very honest, explained everything in detail, and provided some great recommendations due to my individual circumstance. Can not recommend highly enough.

Jared Flower
Google Review

Seriously great service and people. Honest and fair. Would happily recommend anyone to them.

Amir Pali
Facebook Review
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