AP Racing Radi-CAL Brake Packages

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Each AP Racing Radi-CAL brake kit is designed specifically for the vehicle it’s going onto. By utilizing AP Racing rotors and AP Racing Radi-Cal Calipers, and vehicle specific mounting hats and brackets. These components are designed and engineered using the latest technology in CNC lathe and mill machining. Every brake system consists of specific rotor sizes, pad selection, and caliper configuration to suit that application with the intention of developing the perfect match for that vehicle.

Each kit’s design is based on vehicle weight, heat index required at maximum speed and GVW while maintaining brake balance for peak performance and compatibility with OE ABS and stability control systems. The goal is a braking system designed to manage heat properly in the most efficient way using components designed and validated specifically for a high performance environment and everyday road use. The result is a big brake kit that offers track braking performance that is safe and compliant for your road registered vehicle.

AP Racing Radi-CAL brake packages are available with a choice of Black or Red calipers with cross drilled/slotted rotors or AP Racing’s patented J-Hook rotor design that has been proven to give your braking that added edge in performance.

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