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The ESS Supercharger systems has been developed to meet the demands of today’s motorists and the increasingly stringent requirements concerning environmental emissions.

The objective established by ESS at the start of our product development was to create systems designed consistent with the most modern concepts of automotive supercharging. ESS felt it necessary to create a design that would have virtually zero affect on long term durability, yet offer the high level of power and finesse demanded by the serious enthusiast. The substantial increase in engine power does not come about at the expense of the sweet driving nature of your high-end car. All aspects of smooth, easy driveability are controlled by such factors as fuel injection calibration, compression ratio, camshaft profiles, and ignition timing. These items are unaltered in the installation when not operating under boost, therefore the driveability is also unchanged from stock. No time delay exists between moving the throttle and boost pressure response. When motoring along, the boost response is as fast as you move your foot.

Clearly, one of ESS Tuning’s objectives was to create a beautiful installation and to have it stay that way. We firmly believe you will be as proud to show this assembly to your friends or customers as we are to present it to you. Service and Maintenance With the ESS Supercharger system, once installed and detailed nicely, the owner/driver can expect to close the bonnet and forget it. This has been proven on huge number of E9x M3’s that have been impressively enchanced in Australia thanks to the partnership between SouthernBM and ESS Tuning.

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