SBM Powered E9x M3 Stage 1 Package

  • Car Model(s):
    BMW E9x M3
  • Manufacturer:
    SBM, ESS Tuning, Akrapovic, BMC
  • Price:
    From $10995

SouthernBM have created a Stage 1 Package that fills the gap when you are looking for your first performance upgrade for your E9x M3.

The very popular SBM E9x M3 Stage 1 Package consists of the an engine ECU recalibration, with this we use a BMC Air filter to increase air flow on the intake side and the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium exhaust system to reduce back pressure on the exhaust side. Each item is perfectly matched for increased throttle response, more mid range torque and total increased power output. The total power at the rear wheels rises from 232rwkw to over 255rwkw but the number don’t do justice to the amazing performance and sound difference made to the V8 engine.

The SBM Powered Stage 1 Package is the perfect introduction into our performance range for the E9x M3, with the Akrapovic Evolution Line Exhaust System being an essential part of any one of the supercharger packages available from ESS Tuning.

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