REDSTAR Exhaust S63 Downpipe Set | F9x M5, M8

REDSTAR Exhaust have designed and manufactured downpipes and custom exhaust components for European high performance and exotic cars since 2011. Their expert team pays a special attention to every detail during the build process and puts a piece of their soul into each product. At their state-of-the-art facility, the REDSTAR Exhaust fabricators use their skilful hands, CNC machining, precision welding and only the highest quality materials.

Product Information

Rdesigned flow-optimized and perfectly fit downpipes, that utilize OEM split design. You can install secondary cat delete pipes with OEM primary catalytic converters and get more aggressive sound without "check engine" light. Or choose REDSTAR's primaries with High Flow low cell catalytic converters or go with the ultimate full catless setup for maximum performance.

*In 2021, BMW switched some models to a flange style vs slip style downpipe, please look at your vehicle or send us the VIN to confirm which product you need*

F90 M5 CS Competition Downpipes Video
F90 M5 Competition Downpipes Before & After Video

Compatible Vehicles

  • 2017+ BMW M5 F90 (All Models) With 4.4 Twin-Turbocharged S63 V8 Engine
  • 2019+ BMW M8 F91/F92/F93 (All Models) With 4.4 Twin-Turbocharged S63 V8 Engine

Available Options

  • OE-style Heat Shielding with ceramic inner liner: The signature REDSTAR thermal management feature that reduces radiant heat from the exhaust pipes up to 70-80%. Being inspired by racecar engineers who uses it alot, REDSTART moved heat shielding to the tuning industry and made it available as an option for any REDSTAR products. Usual thermal wraps or ceramic coatings are not even close in effectiveness and durability to REDSTAR's Heat Shielding. Please be aware of fake shielding when it is nothing but foil wrapped around the pipe. Without a sufficient ceramic wool layer inside and properly embossed foil it will not work as expected.
  • Ultra high-performance 200cpsi HJS HD: Made in Germany metal core catalytic converters. These extremely robust converters allow you to achieve flow numbers close to straight pipes while meeting strict Euro 5/6 emissions standards. Read more about HJS cats.
  • GESI GEN2 400cpsi: Catalytic converters rated for 1000hp. The new GEN2 series provides a significant improvement in exhaust flow over stock and offers the latest emissions technology. EPA Compliant catalytic converters have been third-party lab tested to meet or exceed local emissions standards in North America (excluding California) Ideal for forced induction and capable of withstanding up to 1,700F/ 925C core temp. REDSTAR rank them as the ones with the best performance/pollution reduction balance. Read more about G-Sport by GESI cats
  • Optional Straight Tunable 02 Spacers: Comes with 3 inserts to restrict flow to the 02 sensor and help set ready and prevent Engine Light conditions when using the Competition (catless) model without proper tuning. Please contact us for further information.

Main Features

  • Significant power gain.
  • Faster spool up and better throttle response.
  • Increasing the life of the turbos.
  • Reducing under hood temperature.
  • Adds a very nice tone to the exhaust.
  • 100% bolt-on installation.
  • 100% TIG welded and back purged.
  • Highest quality 2.0mm wall 304L stainless steel.
  • OEM-spec V-band flanges.
  • All brackets and mounts as on OEM unit.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Catalyst should I choose?

A: This depends solely on what the car will be used for, and you have to consider many factors such as tuning, track time, emissions wanted/needed depending on the country/state you live in. Ideally, you want the largest converter possible, the smaller the catalyst the less heat it can take, and less gasses it can convert to do its job properly.

If not tuning, or you need an error or CEL free solution, please contact us to discuss the most suitable options. Please keep in mind that there is never a guarantee that a CEL won't be displayed, but we are happy to help you make the best decision to suit your requirements.

REDTAR offer Competition (catless) and catalysts from the best converter manufacturers in the world HJS and Gesi. HJS converters are 200cpsi (cell) and are made in Germany and Gesi converters are 300cpsi/400cpsi (cell) and made in Canada.

HJS 200 cell Ultra High-Performance converters are known as the industry leader for their characteristics, quality and durability with being able to have a flow rate of 93% opposed to a straight pipe, they can get away with this flow due to their special wash coating used on their substrate. This washcoat is expensive hence the price. HJS Converters are Euro6 rated suitable for most countries' requirements and have a power holding capacity up to 1200hp. Please read more about HJS converters here.

Gesi converters come in two different cpsi ratings; the GEN1.5 advanced series is a 300 cell catalyst that is improved upon their GEN1 series using the same double matrix substrate as the GEN2 making them able to hold up to more heat. The GEN2 is a 400 cell catalyst that is one of the best for emissions for newer vehicles. The Gesi converters have a flow rate of around 80-85%. REDSTAR Gesi Converters are EPA Compliant, will pass most emissions inspections worldwide and have a power holding capacity anywhere from 850-1200hp depending on the generation and size you choose. Please read more about Gesi converters here.

Q: What is the heat shielding option and do I need it?

A: REDSTAR heat shielding is proprietary, and it has a 5-8mm under layer of ceramic wool, covered by a stainless dimpled foil that is formed on by hand and welded to the pipe with using 3D printed moulds and dies. It reduces temperatures off the pipe by over 50% and is better than any other coating or wrap used by others. Please be aware of fake shielding done by others, without a proper air gap (ceramic wool) the heat shielding becomes non-functional.

REDSTAR recommend the heat shield option on nearly all vehicles that have the downpipes directly off the turbos especially the ones within the transmission tunnel. This helps to reduce heat, keep the turbos cool, lower engine bay temps and IAT (intake air temperature). Again, with the catalyst question this comes down to the user, will you track the car and/or want back to back performance with less timing pull and heat soak.

Another benefit to the heat shield is the pipe insulation (ceramic wool) itself. REDSTAR notice a tighter, smoother sound coming out of the car opposed to a rawer raspiness when switching out the OEM downpipes. Clients report less NVH (less in-cabin vibration) and a better exhaust note overall with this option.

Q: How do I use the tunable 02 spacer?

A: 02 spacers have been around for years. They help to trick the ECU into thinking the sensors are getting a proper reading from the car. When using the Competition (catless) models, cats used to reduce smell, one that happens to create a CEL (Check engine light) you can use these spacer restrictors to give the sensor the proper reading to set ready and not create error issues.

The spacers come with 3 different sized inserts (pills) most start with the middle size, make sure to reset the ECU prior to turning the car on. Drive normally, if no CEL is turned on then you’re good to go. However, if you do get a CEL you need to swap out to another pill larger or smaller and repeat the process.

Please contact us for further information and pricing on O2 tunable spacers.

Q: Do I need new gaskets?

A: It is always good to use fresh new gaskets when installing any exhaust especially compressed ones or at the turbo flange. Flat double wall stainless gaskets can be reused most of the time however and our recommendation is to replace them if the vehicle has over 40-50K miles. OEM gaskets will fit all REDSTAR Exhaust products. 

Q: What is OPF and how do I know if I have it?

A: OPF is a type of particulate filter used by strict emission regions such as in Europe on newer 2020+ vehicles. The downpipes normally have extra thermocouple sensors and pressure tubes on them. Some also have these on the mid pipes. Tuning is required in 90% of the cases, REDSTAR supply the extra bungs on the pipe needed for the OPF to reuse all OEM attachments. If you do not know if your vehicle has, OPF or not it is best to supply us with your VIN prior to ordering. Australian delivered BMW models are typically not fitted with OPF.

Q: What size piping is it?

A: REDSTAR have been manufacturing since 2011. They bench and flow test every product until they achieve a perfect result. REDSTAR use multiple size pipes in every product. There is not a one size fits all answer 4”, 3.5”, 3”, 2.5” etc. unless it is specifically notated in the description. Comparing REDSTAR products to another, thinking bigger is better etc. is not the proper way to make power. If you need specific size requirements, you can list it in the notes when ordering. 

Q: Is ECU tuning recommended with the installation of REDSTAR downpipes?

A: We highly recommended ECU tuning with all REDSTAR downpipe upgrades to not only optimise for the increase exhaust flow but also prevent any engine warning lights from appearing. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information on the tuning options we have available to suit your model. 

Q: How do I find out if an item is in stock or the build time?

A: Each REDSTAR product is hand made to order. If we are not showing a product in stock, the typical order time will be 15-30 days.


This product is not designed to meet any emissions standards and is not for street or highway use. This product is not certified and may not be legal for use on emissions controlled vehicles in any country/jurisdiction.

  • 5 Series / F90 M5 (2018+) / M5
  • 5 Series / F90 M5 (2018+) / M5 Competition
  • 5 Series / F90 M5 (2018+) / M5 CS
  • 8 Series / F91 / F92 / F93 M8 (2019+) / M8
  • 8 Series / F91 / F92 / F93 M8 (2019+) / M8 Competition

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Took my e60 there, Jimmy was an absolute pleasure to deal with, very honest, explained everything in detail, and provided some great recommendations due to my individual circumstance. Can not recommend highly enough.

Jared Flower
Google Review

I Bought my M Performance Brake Kit here and installed today. I got my oil changed. Love the service as always. I only bring my cars to this place eventhough I live in the north side of Melbourne.

Demmy Sung
Google Review

Simply the best Independent BMW Service Centre in Melbourne.

Stewart Adam
Google Review

Great experience dealing with the team at SouthernBM. Sean in particular was fantastic with his knowledge, timely responses and ultimately work performed.

Ian Tennent
Google Review

Andrew Brien @ Southern BM has been helping me for years with my BMWs - he is extremely astute and has a refreshingly customer-first mentality. I trust him to do the best work and only the best!

Leo Ng
Google Review
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